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Core Business Process Review applying DMAIC methodology

My client, Jersey’s leading provider of affordable housing, undertook a review to score core business processes against several risk and efficiency-driven criteria. Berry Consulting was engaged as Project Manager to coordinate the multi-team change efforts and to provide a framework and technical guidance for reviewing business processes.


A number of core processes with improvement opportunities were selected due to their direct impact on the ability of the organisation to generate revenue and because failure within the processes would present a significant risk to the business.


Taking influence from the Lean Six Sigma “DMAIC” methodology, a plan was constructed to take a data-driven approach to understand the process, the risks and “what could go wrongs” and any constraints within the organisation. At the completion of the information-gathering phase, we documented to “as is” process in collaboration with the process owner and the team, identifying areas for automation and any wasteful activities.

The ”to be” process was constructed, including formal, auditable controls, checklists and training


    The work has received consistently positive feedback within the organisation, having been described as “worth its weight in gold”. The controls identified throughout now form part of the internal control framework, the procedure guide has helped achieve consistency in key services and the efficiencies identified and implemented have led to cost and time savings across the team, while removing any non-value-added steps.

      “Rebecca provided fresh insights into our approach and constructive challenge to existing processes, ensuring that the documented procedures were relevant, up-to-date, efficient and included documented controls that could be tested.

      Achieving our departmental objectives would have been very difficult without the help and expertise provided by Berry Consulting.”


      Head of Internal Control, Andium Homes

      “Becca’s professional, friendly and no-nonsense approach to project management gave the team the drive we needed to reach our goal.

      Becca has been instrumental in the success of our recent process reviews, and her approach was key for the delivery of the project outputs and giving teams the confidence
      that we are consistently delivering our products.”


      Process and Procedures Facilitator, Andium Homes

      Creating 40% productivity gains and enhancing customer journey with a digitally-inclusive service transformation

      My client, Jersey’s leading provider of affordable housing, was undertaking a physical refurbishment of their client-facing space to transform from a traditional “over-the-counter” reception area to a welcoming, open-plan client service centre which would enhance the customer
      experience and create internal efficiencies.

      “There were though a number of challenges along the way, and Becca kept us all on track, ensuring that none of the workstreams slipped.

      We did not have the expertise or resource in-house to manage this project, so it would not have been delivered so successfully without Becca.

      Recognising those pressures, Becca ensured that things kept moving, and there is no doubt that she picked up some of the slack during that period. Her healthy challenge was also much welcomed throughout the project.

      Becca has also left us with a robust set of measures so we can monitor and measure the full benefits of the project over time, and deliver ongoing improvements to our client service.

      Becca has kept us engaged, motivated and was vital in seeing us deliver on this exciting and evolutionary business improvement.”


      Executive Lead – Client Transformation, Andium Homes


      The organisation recognised that in order for the desired change and outcomes to be achieved, a separate project would need to be commissioned to evolve the service proposition alongside the physical change. Berry Consulting was engaged to oversee the critical workstreams: service design, people and culture, and digital.

      A key driver for change was to take clients on a digital journey to maximise the business benefit and efficiencies from using digital services, but fundamentally to improve the customer experience and address the increasing demand for digital products.

      This would be a significant transformation for the organisation and its clients.


      In collaboration with executive leads and team managers, I undertook business analysis to identify key requirements, understand how services are accessed and the impact of changes on the service proposition. These requirements were translated into detailed, actionable tasks aligned to meet the project goals, and this formed the basis of a project plan.

      Weekly programme Board and project meetings were scheduled to keep all various workstream owners on track, continually reassess the suitability of the plan and update stakeholders. With input from multiple departments, the new service proposition was designed, and the corresponding cultural changes required were identified and targeted through training.

      I worked with the project board to identify the desired behaviours that would create long-lasting change and assist them in meeting their goals as an organisation – ultimately providing excellent customer service. The result from this “very thought-provoking” culture design workshop was included in a series of training sessions delivered to all colleagues.

      My approach continually assessed the impact on data protection, and existing processes and was alert for any potential dis-benefits that could arise as a result of the changes. Organisation, communication and discipline were key due to the input required from various workstreams and business units.


        The new space is not only as bright and welcoming as planned but has delivered a suite of benefits to the organisation and fundamentally improved the client experience. A detailed benefits realisation plan has been created and put in place to ensure that benefits are fully maximised and, perhaps more importantly, safeguards are in place to identify any potential barriers and disbenefits.

        Teams are empowered to assist clients with the digital services available via a range of mediums, and the physical environment has been carefully curated to encourage desirable behaviours.

        Automated solutions implemented as part of the project have led to 40% productivity gains, tangible time and cost savings, and removed unnecessary risk from crucial business processes.

        The Project Sponsor noted that she was “delighted with the outcome of the project”.

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