Where change management, project management

and accounting expertise meet.

Our approach combines the very best of change management technique, project management methodology and financial acumen. This powerful combination is designed to run projects seamlessly alongside the day-to-day running of your organisation.

Rebecca Berry has developed a suite of change management processes and project management tools based on years of financial services experience that produces:

  • measurable results
  • long-term, embedded change
  • project management that speaks fluent CFO
  • employee buy-in

In as little as two weeks, your project could be up and running with an initial meeting and a completion date in the diary.

Project specialisms include:

  • Waste reduction projects
  • System upgrades or implementation
  • Fund migrations
  • Remediation project for regulatory purposes
  • Risk management projects
  • Service transformation
  • New office set-up

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No-nonsense, short-to-medium term management projects, done and dusted in as little as TWELVE weeks.

I have created a consultancy where change management techniques, project management methodologies and accounting expertise meet.

Rest assured that your projects are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on your day job with peace of mind.

I’m Rebecca Berry, a change management consultant specialising in short to mid-term management projects on behalf of Jersey’s finance industry and beyond.


My approach as a change manager leverages an education in psychology, extensive background in accountancy and senior-level experience in team development. This impactful combination is designed to maximise benefits and run side-of-desk projects seamlessly alongside the day-to-day running of your organisation.

My industry experience includes audit experience at EY and a financial controller role at Morgan Stanley real estate fund. I
subsequently navigated significant growth at one of Jersey’s leading fund administrators, leading several migrations and projects focusing on the delivery of automated solutions alongside my day-to-day responsibilities.

Given my extensive knowledge of the funds industry, I am capable of fulfilling a hybrid role as both a subject matter expert and business analyst, in addition to project manager.


Berry Consulting uses a range of systems and tools to successfully implement long-lasting change within organisations in as little as 12 weeks.


Applying the forensic-level approach of our data audit service allows Berry Consulting to gain more significant insights into your organisation. This leads to implementing change and operational improvement at a deeper, more impactful level and driving decisions on facts. No more costly shooting from the hip.

Value-Driven Process Design

Our approach to process design combines Lean Six Sigma tools with business analysis to speak directly to the problem and add value at each step. Less waste equals time savings, increased productivity, and reduced errors.

Don’t just take our word for it; click here to see how our approach helped our client increase productivity by 40%.

If you require a technical review, ad-hoc remediation, or interim cover, get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Crystal Clear Project Management

A risk-based, no-nonsense approach to project management that removes ambiguity in project requirements, cuts through unnecessary complexity and delivers.

Delivering Long-Term Change

Once the project has been successfully concluded, the unique benefits realisation plan will be formulated so that clients continue to enjoy the benefits of the project for years to come.

Berry Consulting’s change management process includes the following:

  • Initial readiness assessment
  • comprehensive data audit
  • removal of barriers to implementation
  • stakeholder engagement at every level
  • workplace culture design workshops
  • workshop facilitation
  • soft skills training
  • technical training
  • user guides
  • proven 12-week pathway
  • “control and embed” planning
  • maximum staff engagement
  • monitoring of benefits and dis-benefits
  • benefits realisation plan


If you have a number of side-of-desk projects that need attention, it may be more effective to use Berry Consulting as your fractional Project Management Office.

Ongoing PMO support delivers targeted project outcomes that support your organisation’s strategic goals as and when they are needed, such as:

  • project identification, prioritisation and execution
  • creating high-quality documentation
  • delivering training
  • creating a systematic, repeatable process for project management

Berry Consulting’s fractional PMO services include:

  • culture design workshops for leaders
  • automation design to increase efficiency
  • stakeholder communication plan
  • standard operational procedures
  • user guides
  • staff training


Dynamic, outsourced accounting solutions.

Berry Consulting is the solution whether you are looking for assistance during period-end bottlenecks, senior support to act as an audit liaison or interim cover.

From bank reconciliations to complex financial statements, Berry Consulting caters for all your accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting needs.

For more in-depth help with your company financials, Berry Consulting also supplies interim financial manager support:

  • financial reporting
  • operational improvements
  • systems design/implementation
  • financial planning

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Berry Consulting Limited is registered under Article 14 of the Proceeds of Crime (Supervisory Bodies) (Jersey) Law 2008
to carry on the business of Accountancy as defined in Article 1 of the Law.